Saturday, May 2, 2009


I have a confession to make.  The second time I picked up crocheting again, I was hooked.  That was two years ago, when my ultra-stretched belly was growing a baby.  Sleep was rare in those last few weeks before the little one decided he's ready to come out.  To while away the time, I thought I'll give crocheting another try.  

So much have changed since I first learned the craft.  I was sixteen when mom first taught me.    From home decor to fashion, it found it's way to the hearts of many.  Crochet has evolved to be a prevalent craft for even the younger generation.

For me, it's an 'art' by itself.  Just like any medium, it can be articulated into many unexpected art forms.  Someday, I plan to build a six foot fiber installation using crochet.  The type that will make one stop and wonder, 'That was crocheted?'

But I'll save that for another day or year.   Today, it's jewelry-making.  

With my hook, of course.

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