Friday, October 31, 2008

Beyond Squares

Alpaca Handwarmers, $24

I didn't plan what I was going to do during my weekly 'time-off'. Once a week, every Thursday night, I get to go away from the house. And relinquish my roles temporarily as a wife and mom.

I took off and decided to bring my knitting tote. It was after all Thursday I realized, knitting night with my friends at the bookstore.

Thinking about the weeks that passed, I started crocheting in squares. Amy, who was sitting besides me asked what I was going to make. 'I don't know yet.' I'm known to be 'the designer' in the group. A lover of free-form styles.

This week was a bit more difficult than the previous ones. Most blame the economy. For myself, it's the lack of time to wind down from our hectic schedules. I think about the moments we miss trying to provide for our families and focusing on what's wrong with our situations.

When Jean told me how pretty what I was making, I was back to reality from my deep thoughts. My little squares have evolved to be a pair of hand warmers. Life is like that I mused. Sometimes, you're boxed in, not knowing when you'll be out. It's what you do with that time that matters.

For mine, a neat pair of mittens. Perfect for the cool autumn strolls with my man and my little one.

What have you done with yours?

Sunday, October 26, 2008


'Reserved 1'
Mixed Media Illustration by Sherie Sloane.

In my heart, 
I reserved a spot for you.
 Take a seat my friend, 
Know that you're always 
Welcome here.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's a Big Sea Out There

But we're not alone. We have others swimming with us. We need each other. So be friendly and don't forget to greet them once in a while.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Little Indian Man

Time are tough these days, not only in America, but almost in every corner of the world.  It seems as if dark clouds billowed on us all of a sudden.  Don't we wish at times, someone can just walk in and bail us out from the dimmed situations we're in?


'Doorway, India' by Kate Minelli

Like Danny's little indian man.  My friend Julie told me about this story the other day.

Danny (not real name) was on top of his game, he was successful in every aspect of his life.  Then his business got hit by the downfall of Wall Street.  The pressure to produce to make ends meet challenged, not only his wits, but his faith.  

He never imagined that one day, he'll have to walk to a company meeting, and announce that he doesn't have enough to pay the employees anymore.  That the door is open to whoever wants to leave.  He knew half of his people will walk out, he was too busy being the 'big' businessman, that he rarely spent time knowing most of his employees.

But no one did.  They said they'll stay and see how things progress in the coming weeks.  He knew then, there's still hope.  He can't remember the last time he prayed so earnestly.  Within the closed doors of his corner office, he clasped his hands and prayed.  This time, for the people outside who decided to stick with him.  He prayed that they'll have enough to bring home to their families at home. 

Does he believe in miracles?  It was a rhetoric question a man like him often avoided.  But before close of business day, a little Indian man walked in to his office with ten thousand dollars.  He introduced himself as the son of the businessman from India he met months ago, whom he invited to invest with his growing company.  

He was speechless.  For there stood in front of him, the answer to his prayer.  How can it be, that his prayer was answered so instantaneously.  They exchanged pleasantries and talked business for a short while.  Soon after that, he gathered everyone in the office and announced that they will all come home with their paychecks that day.  Every single one of them.

The employees all cheered and he heard someone said 'Amen'.  He glanced at her, smiled, and mumbled 'Amen'.

Our prayers may not be answered so quickly like that of Danny's.  But my friend Julie made me realized, we all have 'little indian men' in our lives.  People who are ready and willing to bail us out, no matter what difficult circumstances we're going through.  

We have our partners, children, families and friends.  Everyday, they shower us with unconditional love.  They bring us cheers to lift our spirits up.  They are always there, reaching their hands and hearts to us.

Let's not forget about that.  Today, let's thank them.  For being the 'little indian men' in our lives.  Thank you, Julie for being one of them.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Scarf Featured in

One of my newest scarf design was recently featured in Trunkt's Showcase.

TRUNKT is the premiere directory of creative designers and entrepreneurs.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Front Page

My item was featured in Etsy's Front Page last October 2nd.  Thanks fishlegs for the feature.


Wearing Art

Fall is here and winter is coming.
You want your neck to be warm, 
And his to be cozy.
You thought a scarf will do. 
But you want style too. 

Being a busy gal and guy you are, you want something you can just grab and go. No bulky, weighty and long scarf will do. Because if it happens to be nice out there, who wants to be seen carrying a handful of rolled-up stripey scarf. However you try to keep it in, it's long tail unravels against your whim.

One crafty mom's answer to all this - the ultra chic 'scarflettes'. It's short and stylish to match your color fetish. It's cozy and warm, without the lengthy spam. You'll never tackle the busy windy city again without these. 

Available at UrArtist Shop in Etsy. To see more styles and colors, go to

Friday, October 3, 2008

How Time Flies

If you don't know Etsy, you're missing a lot.  And I mean a LOT.  Its the ultimate place to buy anything handmade.  I've been on the site for over a year now.  It was one of my late night forays when my belly was growing big (with a baby) and sleep seems to come rare.  

This is one of my first creations that I sold there.  Not the gnome, I don't do sculpting, although I must say that gnome looks good in the garden.  The crocheted case is, a multi purpose little cozy I came up with while looking for something to hold the little trinkets in my purse that wouldn't seem to stay put in one place - credit cards, business cards, phone, etc.

Crocheted Cozy.  Photo by mybluemuse from San Francisco.

I realized I can do this, create things that will make life easier, at least to some, or even more.  UrArtist Shop in Etsy was born that day.  It's reputation for being a one-stop shop for handmade fine arts, crafts and accessories has grown since then.  So, if you haven't taken the plunge yet, hop on in.  

Save gas, shop online.  Buy Handmade. Shop Etsy.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

What Keeps You Going?

While browsing the forums in Etsy today, I came across this post, "Do you have a favorite that quote keeps you going?  What appropriate timing this post is, and what a great opportunity to lift each other up.

"Live each day as if it were the last."

In these tough times, this thought keeps my family going. We make the most of each day, doing things together that doesn't necessarily require spending.  

~ early morning tea time
~ morning jogs with the baby on the 'jogger' 
~ leaf hunting for the wreath I'm making 
~ praying, and praying a lot 
~ laughing 
~ leaving SHMILY notes 'everywhere' 

What are SHMILYs = See How Much I Love You.

Do you need some boost today? Read the complete thread and I'm sure you'll find a wealth of inspiration from folks like me, and us.

What's your Quote?

Now in Trunkt

I am so pleased to be accepted and be part of TRUNKT, the Premier Directory of Creative Entrepreneurs.

Want to find out more about Trunkt?  Go ahead and check us out:

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