Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Little Indian Man

Time are tough these days, not only in America, but almost in every corner of the world.  It seems as if dark clouds billowed on us all of a sudden.  Don't we wish at times, someone can just walk in and bail us out from the dimmed situations we're in?


'Doorway, India' by Kate Minelli

Like Danny's little indian man.  My friend Julie told me about this story the other day.

Danny (not real name) was on top of his game, he was successful in every aspect of his life.  Then his business got hit by the downfall of Wall Street.  The pressure to produce to make ends meet challenged, not only his wits, but his faith.  

He never imagined that one day, he'll have to walk to a company meeting, and announce that he doesn't have enough to pay the employees anymore.  That the door is open to whoever wants to leave.  He knew half of his people will walk out, he was too busy being the 'big' businessman, that he rarely spent time knowing most of his employees.

But no one did.  They said they'll stay and see how things progress in the coming weeks.  He knew then, there's still hope.  He can't remember the last time he prayed so earnestly.  Within the closed doors of his corner office, he clasped his hands and prayed.  This time, for the people outside who decided to stick with him.  He prayed that they'll have enough to bring home to their families at home. 

Does he believe in miracles?  It was a rhetoric question a man like him often avoided.  But before close of business day, a little Indian man walked in to his office with ten thousand dollars.  He introduced himself as the son of the businessman from India he met months ago, whom he invited to invest with his growing company.  

He was speechless.  For there stood in front of him, the answer to his prayer.  How can it be, that his prayer was answered so instantaneously.  They exchanged pleasantries and talked business for a short while.  Soon after that, he gathered everyone in the office and announced that they will all come home with their paychecks that day.  Every single one of them.

The employees all cheered and he heard someone said 'Amen'.  He glanced at her, smiled, and mumbled 'Amen'.

Our prayers may not be answered so quickly like that of Danny's.  But my friend Julie made me realized, we all have 'little indian men' in our lives.  People who are ready and willing to bail us out, no matter what difficult circumstances we're going through.  

We have our partners, children, families and friends.  Everyday, they shower us with unconditional love.  They bring us cheers to lift our spirits up.  They are always there, reaching their hands and hearts to us.

Let's not forget about that.  Today, let's thank them.  For being the 'little indian men' in our lives.  Thank you, Julie for being one of them.


Azra Momin said...

Thank you for the motivation. I'm a little Indian girl (really) and I feel inspired!

Anonymous said...

thank you! you have always been one of the "little indian men" in my life.