Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wearing Art

Fall is here and winter is coming.
You want your neck to be warm, 
And his to be cozy.
You thought a scarf will do. 
But you want style too. 

Being a busy gal and guy you are, you want something you can just grab and go. No bulky, weighty and long scarf will do. Because if it happens to be nice out there, who wants to be seen carrying a handful of rolled-up stripey scarf. However you try to keep it in, it's long tail unravels against your whim.

One crafty mom's answer to all this - the ultra chic 'scarflettes'. It's short and stylish to match your color fetish. It's cozy and warm, without the lengthy spam. You'll never tackle the busy windy city again without these. 

Available at UrArtist Shop in Etsy. To see more styles and colors, go to www.UrArtist.etsy.com

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