Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Paper Garland

If you have stash of paper piling up and wondering what to use it for, here's an idea. Make paper garlands. So easy to make. Punch holes or shapes, then sew the thread to connect each using your sewing machine.

Our toddler enjoyed helping in both punching the holes and handing the paper to me for sewing. Not only was it delightful to see these delicate garlands adorn our windows, but seeing the delight in my boy's eyes from doing such a simple project was priceless.

We used regular copy paper and sewn two together. If you use scrapbook paper or construction paper, one each will be enough. These will be perfect as party decorations or just to bring cheers to any space. Mix different colored papers for a bright palette.

Hope you like it! If you happen to recreate this project, share the photos. I'd love to see it.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Back to the lenses I go. Here's a quick straight out of the camera (SOTC) shot I took of my niece. She happily posed for this playful shot while we were celebrating her mom's birthday. We pulled out some roses (real ones) from grandma's vase. The blooms complemented the blush in her complexion.

To make this portrait shot interesting, I applied the 'rule of thirds' as I would in a painting. Fill 2/3 of the frame with your subject, find the right lighting (or set up one), then snap away. This was taken in the evening, thus the warm ambient lighting.

Looking at this portrait made me realized how grown up she is now. Years do go by quick indeed. It was just yesterday when she was just a wobbly toddler. Look at her now.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tiny Treasures

'Tiny Treasures'

It's wet, cold and rainy outside. The weather has beckoned the beginning of Fall. So, what to do with an active toddler in the house? Pull out some paper, markers, glue and scissors for some fun, creative finger puppet time.

Drawing his finger puppet.

What to do: Trace finger on paper. Cut around the finger trace, leaving about 1 1/5 inch allowance on both sides and 1/2 inch on top. Glue the side allowances allowing space for the finger, fold the top then glue. Then have fun drawing and embellishing your paper finger puppet.

Meet Fireman Sam.

Telling the story of Fireman Sam.

The best part: Put on a show! Hearing little ones tell their 'made-up' stories is the best part of all.

So proud of his new finger puppet.

A priceless inexpensive way to have fun and get your little ones' imagination into play. And the bonding time you get to spend with them are tiny treasures you'll cherish.

Have fun!

Friday, September 3, 2010

A Momentary Pause

Things have been pretty quiet in my blog for few weeks now. This is the reason. I've decided to take a brief pause from painting and writing to focus my time to the new addition in our family. In fact, I have him in my lap as I was typing this (with one hand cuddling him and one hand typing).

Such momentary pause doesn't mean idle time. How can it be? Working, raising a toddler and now another munchkin, fills up my 24 x 7. But I'm enjoying the 'ride' more than ever (with a new carseat in the rear). So pardon me for being away for a while. Babies don't keep. I want to enjoy their smallness, when I can still scoop them up with my two hands and raise them up in the air.

Because pretty soon, they won't be little people anymore. Worry not though, I won't wait 'til they're young men to resume painting and creating. The next canvas is already primed, waiting to be painted the next time their nap times coincide.

I'll be back with a promise to bring you even more exciting posts...very, very soon.