Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tiny Treasures

'Tiny Treasures'

It's wet, cold and rainy outside. The weather has beckoned the beginning of Fall. So, what to do with an active toddler in the house? Pull out some paper, markers, glue and scissors for some fun, creative finger puppet time.

Drawing his finger puppet.

What to do: Trace finger on paper. Cut around the finger trace, leaving about 1 1/5 inch allowance on both sides and 1/2 inch on top. Glue the side allowances allowing space for the finger, fold the top then glue. Then have fun drawing and embellishing your paper finger puppet.

Meet Fireman Sam.

Telling the story of Fireman Sam.

The best part: Put on a show! Hearing little ones tell their 'made-up' stories is the best part of all.

So proud of his new finger puppet.

A priceless inexpensive way to have fun and get your little ones' imagination into play. And the bonding time you get to spend with them are tiny treasures you'll cherish.

Have fun!


Baghy said...

Such a great idea! You know, these are the games he will remember when he grows up, more then he'll remember the plastic toys. It's a good thing to stimulate a child's creativity so early, specially with all the technology around us that doesn't encourage the inventiveness.

Pili said...

What a great idea!

Sherie said...

You're right Baghy. It is my hope that when they look back, they'll be reminded of their happy and love-filled childhood. It's easy to fall prey to the conveniences technology offers (computer, mobile games, nintendos, etc.). It's up to adults like us to encourage little ones to be creative the old fashioned way.

Sherie said...

Pili, it always cheers me up to hear that you're liking my posts.