Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Paper Garland

If you have stash of paper piling up and wondering what to use it for, here's an idea. Make paper garlands. So easy to make. Punch holes or shapes, then sew the thread to connect each using your sewing machine.

Our toddler enjoyed helping in both punching the holes and handing the paper to me for sewing. Not only was it delightful to see these delicate garlands adorn our windows, but seeing the delight in my boy's eyes from doing such a simple project was priceless.

We used regular copy paper and sewn two together. If you use scrapbook paper or construction paper, one each will be enough. These will be perfect as party decorations or just to bring cheers to any space. Mix different colored papers for a bright palette.

Hope you like it! If you happen to recreate this project, share the photos. I'd love to see it.


shazartist said...

very cute idea..

Sherie said...

Thanks Sharon. Glad you liked it.

Baghy said...

This is so sweet and refreshing! And so simple to make... I'm tempted to try. It's nice that your boy has the chance to make something with his own hands, I am sure such projects will enhance his creativity :)