Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Lesson in Creation

He looked above
And I told him
It was made blue
Especially for you

He touched the grass
Then I whispered
It was made green
Especially for you

He heard the birds 
While I nudged him
They were made
Especially for you

He stared at me 
And kissed my nose 
I knew I was made
Especially for him 

I held his little hands
Thanked God
He was made
Especially for me

For you, my little one, for the lessons we learn together.

Monday, July 21, 2008

One Piece of Advice

After a week long of reconnecting with my roots under the mentorship of master watercolorist, Tom Lynch, I'm taking off with a new sense of purpose and renewed passion for art.

More than learning new techniques, I gained helpful insights in life to carry on.  To share that 'common interest' with like-minded and equally gifted individuals was worth more than any masterpiece there is.  Thanks Tom and many, many thanks to my new-found friends.

The one piece of advice that made the greatest impression on me was 'To give your artistic extra", with every artwork you create.  

And that 'extra' for me is this - To paint as if it's the greatest masterpiece I'll ever create.  May that be enough to bring back glory to the One who has blessed me with these talents.

What is yours?