Friday, September 3, 2010

A Momentary Pause

Things have been pretty quiet in my blog for few weeks now. This is the reason. I've decided to take a brief pause from painting and writing to focus my time to the new addition in our family. In fact, I have him in my lap as I was typing this (with one hand cuddling him and one hand typing).

Such momentary pause doesn't mean idle time. How can it be? Working, raising a toddler and now another munchkin, fills up my 24 x 7. But I'm enjoying the 'ride' more than ever (with a new carseat in the rear). So pardon me for being away for a while. Babies don't keep. I want to enjoy their smallness, when I can still scoop them up with my two hands and raise them up in the air.

Because pretty soon, they won't be little people anymore. Worry not though, I won't wait 'til they're young men to resume painting and creating. The next canvas is already primed, waiting to be painted the next time their nap times coincide.

I'll be back with a promise to bring you even more exciting posts...very, very soon.


Pili said...

Taking the time to enjoy your family is always a great idea!

Sherie said...

Thanks for the constant encouragement Pili. I'm enjoying sharing my journey with you.