Saturday, May 16, 2009

Run, Mommy Run.

Still smiling at the first mile.

Last Sunday was Mother's Day.  My Day.  I shouldn't have done anything, right.  Revel in peace in a quiet home while the boys were out.  In my dreams.

Every year for Mother's Day, we go to our cousin's house a little after lunch for a dinner party.  We actually skip lunch since you don't want to stuff yourself and feel too guilty trying out all the sumptuous treats on the dinner table.

Several years ago, I devised a plan to shed our guilt off a little bit.  Wake up at 5am with bloodshot eyes, drive half an hour downtown, have breakfast in our favorite tea shop, rest for a while, then run the 5K to support cancer survivors.

Sounds like an easy feat right?  Only if you don't have a little toddler in tow.  Here's what happens actually.  Wake up at 4am, after more than a dozen attempts from husband to wake me up).  It's interesting to know that when dad says he's going to bed at night, he actually falls asleep.  

When mom says 'I'll go to bed', it really means, cleaning the last bits of mess left, folding laundry, re-checking and adding lists of things to do, rearranging appointments for the hundredth time, and so on and so forth.  Did I say, I was going to sleep.

Okay, so I was finally awake.  I packed the little man's diapers, wipes, drinks (notice it's  in plural form).  Amazingly, little people weighing almost thirty pounds can down liquids twice his weight.  Oh, and don't forget the change of clothes.  Just in case, we get blessed with a big 'blow-out'.  You know what I mean.  Okay, I'll spell it for you.  Mean poopie.

All set.  Don't forget the jogger!  Carrying a squiggly active tot for just half a mile is not my idea of getting fit.  At least, not that morning.  It was Mother's Day, so I didn't have to drive.  I planned on squeezing a nap during the drive.  That was my plan, until I heard Bebo the baby sign bear singing away from the little tube in the van.  

I turn to look at the little man, his big bright eyes beaming with excitement watching the little bear.  All the sleepiness disappeared.  Watching him has been my favorite past times ever since we had him.

We didn't actually run the whole 5K.  We walked part of it and I sprinted the last two miles.  The boys decided to brisk walked it, or I should say hubby did.  Jogger plus tot, equals fifty pounds at least.  Try running with it for a good mile without stopping, and I bet you'll be begging just to sleep the whole day through.

After an hour or so of walking and running, we finished the lap.  We skipped the free McDonald breakfast after much debating.  What's the point, we just concluded a 'let's get fit' mission anyway.  Hooray!  Luckily, the little man dozed off half the time in his cozy stroller.  That's why I was able to run the last two miles.  Otherwise, he'll be wiggling crazy looking for his 'Maymee'.

Back to home.  Hubby carried the sleeping little man to his bed.  We both can't wait to go back to sleep too.  It felt good to start the day right.  Later, we won't feel too guilty piling up the calories from the delicious dinner.  

I said I was going to sleep, right.  But wait, I got to prepare the things we're going to bring later.  I checked on the boys.  They're already snuggled together, sleeping so peacefully.  I can't help but smile.  This is why I love this job.

I might be running a marathon in this race called 'parenthood', but I have my eyes on the prize.  Right here, before my eyes.

So, run mommy run.


Pili said...

What an absolutely beautiful post! Loved reading it!

Anonymous said...

love this post!

Sherie Sloane said...

Thank you, glad you liked it :)