Friday, May 15, 2009

Sampaguita Garland

Paper Flower Lei by Morning Artist

Sampaguita is a species of jasmine, native to southern Asia.  

This evergreen vine with strong-scented buds is also the national flower of the Philippines. The flowers are strung into leis, commonly offered to welcome guests or adornment in religious altars.  

On Tuesday, I'll be teaching kindergarten students in Chicago how to make their own Sampaguita leis from papers and ribbon.  This is in celebration of the Asian culture awareness week.  

It's very easy to make.  Here's how (Kids should be assisted by adults, especially on cutting.)

1. To make each flower:

- Cut three different size circles from regular printer paper (small, medium, large).  Largest about 2 inches in diameter. 
- Cut holes in the middle.  
- Glue together all three pieces on top of each other.
- Fold and crumple, and form into a flower bud.

2 . To make the leaves:

- Cut out two leaf shapes from green paper.  
- Draw the leaf veins with black pen (colored pencil for kids).
- Cut holes in one end.

3.  Stringing and forming the leis:

- Measure and cut right length of yarn and ribbon
- Tie first knot, about an inch from end ribbon (this is to prevent the leaves and flowers from falling.
- String two leaves, then one flower.
- Tie a knot after the first set of flower and leaf are strung.
- Repeat above steps, until all flowers and leaves are strung.

Tie the two ends of the ribbon together to finish.  

Enjoy your new lei!

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Gerald said...

These are just beautiful!