Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What's in the Photo?

Tulips along Michigan Avenue.

Last week, I promised to tell you about the photo I posted for Wordless Wednesday.  Here's the scoop about those beautiful tulips.

After my first mile run during the Mother's Day 5K, I was gasping for air.  Before our little man passed the official 'toddler' mark, I didn't have much time to run.  So, you can imagine the shock in my body when we woke up that day at 5am and announced we're going for a run, a 5K run.

Back to the first mile, I decided to take the very premature breather I was saving for the third mile.  I didn't want to seem too weak, too soon.  So I found my excuse - the lovely rows of tulips along Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago.

Mustering a huge smile, I waved to hubby who's strolling the little man in his uber-comfy jogger (we call it 'buggy').  Give me the camera!  These flowers are b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l (spoken lengthily and slowly to emphasize how mesmerized I was).  Come on, I know you do that sometimes too.

I can see the perplexed look in hubby's eyes.  Handing the camera won't be an easy feat, especially with the thickening crowd between us.  We are several feet away by now, so I squeezed myself through the anthill of walkers and runners. Camera on hand, I set to complete my little mission to sneak a 'break'.

Snap.  Wait, this angle is better.  Ooopps, focal point out of scale.  Click.  Hmmmm.  I think this bunch will look better.  

There. Perfect.  Mission accomplished!  Breathe.....

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