Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Summer iSkins

My take on the popular iPhone Skins.  

Protect your iPhone, iPod Touch or any phone or mp3 players of similar dimensions, while toting it in style. The cool colors are sure to splash you with added inspiration in school or at work.

You can access your gadget's 'Home' button just by pressing the decorative button on the iSkin. To put it on, insert the iPhone/iPod touch at the bottom first, then pull the upper part of the sleeve, then slide the iPhone/iPod touch in. 

It is stretchable so it will fit snug. When charging, just pull the lower part of the iSkin. Hand-crocheted with easy care acrylic. It is durable yet has a soft feel to it. Just slip it on your little think tank. 

Then, get the 'wow' effect from your classmates and peers when it's time to pull it out. 

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