Monday, April 27, 2009

To Paint

Painting today at the Studio.

My tall order for today.  I haven't picked up my brushes for days.  Work and motherhood filled up my days.  Contrary to what others believe that art can be instantly created whenever an artist desires to, it doesn't often happen.

Here's an example:  

Attempt No. 1 - My little one trails behind me as I opened the door to my studio.  I know exactly what he'll go for - my tray of watercolor tubes.  He prefers that over his own set that I laid on his table.  That means, skip watercolor today. 

Attempt No. 2 - Doorbell rings while I'm filling up the jar with water for the acrylics.  Unexpected but a welcome visitor.  Then, there's lunch and phone calls to make.

Attempt No. 3 - Nap time for the little man.  Only after we danced 'Shimmie Shake' by the Wiggles.  In less than eight weeks, Anthony, Greg, Murray and Jeff have now been familiar names in our household.  Off to dreamland he goes.  Ah, it's that time!  Finally.

Attempt No. 4 - Tiptoe, then silently close the door.  Don't forget to turn on the baby monitor.  Okay, here it goes.  Squeeze paints, dab brushes, paint away.  

Let the worries wait, it's my time . . . to paint.

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One Woman's Thoughts said...

When you love to paint you take any stolen moments you can to loose yourself in expression.

Keep your passions present.