Saturday, April 4, 2009

Art Lesson No. 4 - DIY Fine Art Note Cards

'Goodbye Winter'. Detail.
'Goodbye Winter'.  Fine Art Photo Card.  $4.99
Available online at

Are you an avid photographer with stacks of prints mounting up?  With few easy steps, you can transform your pile into fine art notecards.

What you need:

- cardstock (colored or plain)
- plain white paper (optional)
- photo corners (you can get these at craft stores in scrapbooking section)
- glue
- scissors/ rotary cutter
- envelopes (to fit your card)

What to do:

1.  Select a good quality photo from your pile.
2.  Pick either a complementary of contrasting colored cardstock.
3.  Fold the cardstock in two
4.  Glue 4 photo corners in the cardstock.
5.  Place the photo within the photocorners

Now you're ready to write a message in your beautiful handcrafted fine art notecard.  Don't forget the stamp.

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