Saturday, April 26, 2008

Third Tooth

'Miracle 7'
From the Miracle Series
Watercolor on cold pressed aquarelle paper, 6 x 10 in.

His broke out the other day. If someone would have told me before I'll be this big of a fan of tiny teeth, I'd probably beg to differ and say 'no way'.

Past forward to few years, here I am announcing to families and relatives that my little one's first upper tooth and third one finally came out. Yes, I am laughing quietly at myself, happy but not feeling foolish.

Out little man continue to astonish us everyday with little miracles. Pre-baby, I often wonder why almost every parent I meet say how amazing their child is. Though the stories are the same, each one sounds like a tale of genius. Like mine.

His bright eyes were open from birth and was able to stand (with support) at just two months. Starting at three, he lifts his neck up strongly on his belly time. At four months, he hiked the Phoenix desert (happily propped on dad's chest on his sling) with us and said 'Mama' before turning five. He smiles, giggles, squint his eyes and wrinkles his nose to people now. The list goes on.

I don't usually tell people our amazing stories, it's enough that we are able to witness these blessings transpire before our eyes. Parenthood isn't easy and first-time moms like me are faced with first-time challenges that are often unexpected.

But it also comes with great rewards that are beyond any worldly achievement, like the inexplainable joy of seeing that third tooth popped out.

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