Sunday, May 4, 2008

Celebrating Imperfection

Is there any part of your body you would want to change?  

I cringe whenever I hear that question.  Assuming you have the power to do just that, will you opt to differ that one spot or part you are least proud of?

I would.  My toes.  Mine are not the prettiest, they have callouses and little bumps on top, a result of one of my childhood explorations.  Poor little toes, I decided to vent my creativity on them one day when I was seven, playing 'I can fix it'.  I'll leave it at that.  

Two decades forward, I walked down the aisle with my imperfect toes to say 'I do' to my husband of three years.  Few years after, I was trotting with a huge bump on my belly for forty one weeks with our firstborn.   And last night, we heard the sweetest sound on earth - our little guy's first spontaneous belly laugh.

With raised feet up on the air, I wiggled my toes (yes, those plain toes that need pedicure).  He found that so hilarious, for reasons only a baby knows.  Once again, I thank God, not just for my toes but for our little bundle of joy.

My parents did a fantastic job raising us to always appreciate our God-given features, always noting that we are wonderfully made, no matter what.  Pretty toes or not.

So, cheer up for being imperfect.  

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Rocki's Rock 'n Beads said...

(applauds) I agree. If the media/Hollywood wouldn't promote "The Most Beautiful...", I think growing up would be much easier while accepting our own uniqueness :)
Great post!
☼ Rocki