Friday, May 16, 2008

Catching Raindrops

Growing up in a sunny region, I was used to having gorgeous weather almost throughout the year. Yet my favorite season of all times are spring showers.  My love affair with the whole precipitation cycle must have started when I was five, I love watching the raindrops trickle in our window panes.

The tiny drops resemble little gems, it was one of my first discoveries.  I was so enticed by it that I picked up a pencil and paper and started drawing it.  Trying to capture the misty scene wasn't that simple, I realized.  There must be some way I could portray it.  Coloring it with my stash of crayons didn't seem to help much.  That afternoon, as I watched the rain pour, I grew weary at my attempts.

Just like any kid, I finally gave up and set it aside.  In my young mind, I thought I failed.  Then I heard both of them exclaimed 'Oh my, what a beautiful drawing, great job! '  It was the first time I've seen those kind of amazement in my parents' eyes.  They both scooped me up and raised my artwork proudly.  

That's why I love rainy days.  In my young mind then, I learned it was alright to fail, to be disappointed at myself at times and allow sadness in life.   That everything doesn't have to be perfect or right.  Cheers of triumphs taste sweeter afterwards.

The rain brought me two things that day - an important lesson in life and my love to create.


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