Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Want to Remember

The day Mom picked me up when I stumbled and fell,
When Dad cheered me up with his silly spells.

Learning to read with Big Sisters,
And creating paper dolls and pigtails better.

The thrills of receiving the first love notes,
Walking with a best friend under a shared coat.

Tears that fell and laughters too,
Down that aisle to say 'I Do'

Extra beats and flutter kicks in my tummy,
As anticipation grew towards becoming a mommy.

An infant's first cry and smile,
That made each day worthwhile.

I want to remember today,
And not keep new memories at bay.

Poetry is a gift. Just like every moment of each day is. Even without you knowing, you're creating a memory for yourself and for someone. Someday you'll hear 'Mom, Dad or My Friend, I remembered when...' and they'll thank you for it.

My special memory today - dedicating our little one to being a Christian. I would love to hear yours.


Rosebud Collection said...

Just beautiful..You never know how many lives you touch with poetry..and you are right, it is a gift..

emme said...

How lovely!

I will never forget my young sisters face when she looked at me today with her eyes all aglow, showing me her new "tap dancing show"!