Thursday, June 4, 2009

Turtle Tale and Flu

A Foot Away Too
Fine Art Photograph

Here's the story behind yesterday's Wordless Wednesday photo.

It was the third day of our much-awaited vacation in paradise.  Couldn't be more exciting, right?  That day, I tried to keep up a cheerful attitude.  Moms are great with that.  However I tried though, it was just wasn't working.  

All of us we're still recovering from the nine hour flight.  Traveling with a fifteen month old isn't a walk in the park.  Lugging a car seat, stroller, bags, suitcases, and an active toddler who wants to conquer everything all at once, is next to mission impossible.  I can hear my mom's old adage, 'That's why God made moms young.'  Oh yeah.

The irrepressible 'jet lag' was another thing.  Ever felt so tired you wish to sleep the whole day through?  The only caveat, sleep won't come even way past the nine hundred ninenty-ninth sheep you counted.  And just when you're about to really doze off, you realized it's just lunchtime.  Your body clock is still ticking the central time zone.  Trust me, your toddler will remind you it's still day time, no matter what.  He is on his own PST timezone - play specific time.

Not much too sweat, since there's Dad.  He can cover the bases while I catch a cat nap.  I wonder if cats really do sleep that short.  But flu decided to spend time with Dad.  It was the worst flu he ever had.  We decided to isolate him in the bedroom to contain the virus as much as we can.  Thank goodness for hotel housekeeping!

Always the optimist, my husband urged me to get out and spend time on the beach with our little one.   He'll get as much rest to get better quick.  Good idea.  I scooped up our little man and drove to the nearest beach.  It was sad not being with Dad that day.  I was looking forward to seeing him build a sand castle with our boy, while I lay on the beach watching them.

Why, of all days, flu will come.  I could really use extra hands, so I could relax myself.  Looking out on the horizon and feeling the cool afternoon breeze perked me up.

And just when I thought things were going astray on our vacation, God sent a turtle to cheer me up.  

A foot away from my feet.  Where's that camera?  Click!

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