Monday, June 22, 2009

To Remember

'O'er the Land of the Free'
Acrylic on Canvas by Sherie Sloane (c) 2009

I've been pondering on what to paint for the upcoming Fourth of July.  I wanted to make it simple, yet still portrays the spirit of patriotism.  

Both my husband and I came from military families.  Celebrating Independence Day is not just a day of merry-making for us, but a time to remember both our dads who served their countries.

I've been playing the Star Spangled Banner in my mind and the line "O'er the land of the free..." hits a chord in my heart.  

May this painting remind all of us to cherish the freedom we enjoy today and remember those who fought for it.

Dad, Thank You.

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Nina said...

I know it is the day after but, Happy 4th of July! I am not American but I understand it is very important (and sounds like an especially important day for you.)