Friday, June 5, 2009

Meet Owyn

The little man exploring Owyn

This is Owyn.  Nope, he's not our boy.  But our boy loves it!  He can't take his eyes and hands of it, eversince  we got it.  

Waiting for Owyn was like waiting for the stork to bring home a baby.  We were filled with anticipation from day one.  We waited one weekend and four days, but it was all worth it.  I was excited to see how our little man will like it.

Owyn travelled more than two thousand miles from Los Angeles to Chicago.  Despite the long travel, it arrived in great shape.  It was superbly packed, cushioned with styrofoam to ensure it's comfy.  One can tell it was built and sent with much love and care.  How can it not be, it was made by a mom.   A mom who creates gorgeous mid-century children furniture from her old garage.

I love pieces that have stories behind it.  As a mom myself, I can just picture her sneaking into her garage during her kids' nap times and getting creative.   Someday when our little man asks me where we got Owyn, I'll tell him it came from a magical garage in a sunny place filled with love, made by a super mom.

Maybe I'll get lucky and hear him say, 'Just like you mom?'.


Anonymous said...

or maybe he'll say... "let's go make some more mom!"... and he'll be as artistic as you are.

Sherie Sloane said...

That's very sweet of you. Thanks for the compliment :)