Sunday, February 24, 2008

Peeling Bananas

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Watercolor on cold press 140lb Montval watercolor paper, 6 x9 in.
Watermark not present on original artwork. Price $90.

It's evening, I know. I missed writing this morning. We had a busy weekend. Ever since I became a mom, my outlook calendar has been filling up to the brim.

It's because our little man is taking his own spots from our hourly schedules. From doctor's appointments, wellness classes, visiting families and friends, to play dates. I can go on and on. Merging those with your pre-parenthood schedule (that's already so tight to begin with) is an art of its own. I think that's why God made moms young (or young at heart like me).

It gets trying at times. And it puts your prioritizing skills to the test. On occasions when it gets tougher, I let out a big sigh and tell myself 'This too shall pass'. We have to take each day one at a time. Then, we'll get through it and still enjoy the journeys in between.

While painting this piece, I realized those trying times are like peeling bananas. You can't peel the skins off altogether. You have to do it one at a time, then enjoy the 'fruits' of your efforts after.

I say, be creative. Don't just eat the fruit, make it into a bread, pudding or parfait.

Savor the sweet rewards of your hard work. Give yourself a pat on the back (or side, if you can't reach your back) and acknowledge that you have done a great job.

You may have not peeled your bananas perfectly, but it was just right.


KieutiePie said...

I love banana bread! Bananas are so good on their own though... I don't mind just eating the fruit. =}

High Desert Diva said...

Welcome to Etsy!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful paintings. I am going to put you in my fav's.

Loooooove your work.

Helen at