Monday, February 18, 2008

How To Draw

Drawing - the start of a painting.  It is as essential as learning how to stand is to walking.

Once we learn it, do we keep on practicing it or are we more likely to skip it most of the time.  Mastering the basics is the best foundation for creating the best artworks.  In pottery, you mold before you bake.  In sculpture, you outline before you carve.  In canvas, you prime before you paint.  

My pen drawings are artworks of its own.  They're basic and pure.  No paint took over their beauty.  It gives me pure joy.

Perhaps in our lives, we should do more of the basics.  Or be content with living with the basics.  Then, we'll appreciate those beyond the least.  

Anyway, we just don't get up and walk.  We stand before we stride. 

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