Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Door Alarm

Our fridge when left open for five minutes will alarm with a beeping sound.  The continuous beeping annoy us sometimes, but it's a reminder we opt to keep to prevent our food stock from spoiling.  

Especially on weekends, when we have five little ones (nephews and nieces) rummaging inside for goodies.  Then we'll hear the beeping incessantly a couple of times.  On those occasions, I don't get annoyed.  How can I, my little buddies are so adorable.  Many of their gestures remind me of my own childhood.

This morning, as I stood in the kitchen wondering what to drink, holding the fridge door open, I was startled with that alarm again.  Was I really staring there blankly for five minutes?  Whew! Okay, so I have to make up my mind quick - what will it be?  Juice, milk or juice.  I decided not to get either.  The pressure must have gotten into me.  I had water.

Life is like that too, buzzing with alarm when something is amiss.  But how often do we pay attention or act on those reminders?  How long do we wait until we make up our mind and close the door before the sound becomes too loud to bear.

Some call it 'conscience', others 'guilt' and mildly, 'responsibility'.  I call it the 'inner self'.  It's the person inside of us - the one who, when stripped of all pretenses, knows right from wrong.  It's the raw 'you'.  It's one of life's dynamic that is most ambiguously defined.  We just know it, we hear it.

There's one of mine, saying 'It's time.'


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