Sunday, November 6, 2011

Modern Crafty Wreath

Handmade Wreath

Two White Birds :: For our Two Boys

Bird Detail :: Handpicked by our Little Man at a local craft store

Leftover Yarn Detail :: Randomly Wrapped by our Boys

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Hello there.  Today I want to share with you the wreath we made with our boys.  It's a super simple project you can do with your kids, in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

:: Materials ::

12 inch round styrofoam 
fabric scraps, cut lengthwise
stray yarns
raffia (or ribbons, if you prefer)
birds, or choice of accents

:: How To ::

wrap fabric scraps around styrofoam (pin or glue to secure)
randomly cross over some yarn
tie raffia or ribbon and make a bow
hook or tie your choice of accents

:: All Done! ::

Now step back and enjoy your one of a kind, handmade wreath.

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