Saturday, May 28, 2011

Recycled Bottles Wall Art

How cool is this?  
Recycled perfume bottles turned wall art.
by Peter Fernandez and Jim Quinones

A former colleague of mine had this awesome idea to turn his collection of empty perfume bottles into a  wall art.  His nephew built the frame, primed and painted it before assembling the bottles as a glass collage.

Who knew, right?  Love the ingenuity of this project!  I'll never look at perfume bottles the same way again.  Thanks for sharing it with us guys!


shrink2dot said...

Awesome! I think I'm gonna make myself a recycled bottles wall art too. Thanks for inspiring! :)

Sherie said...

Thank you for stopping by. Once you're done with your project, send me the photo so I can show it to my readers.

Anonymous said...

I have been collecting perfume bottles forever! I kept thinking what can I do with all of these! They are too pretty to throw out, this is perfect! Thanks for sharing!