Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Real Life Comedy


This was my first post in Facebook yesterday morning - Monday, the first day of the week. I know you're thinking 'what a way to start the week!  I should have held back on my last sentence on my status post.  For indeed, things kept rolling for me.

Here's the rest of the day:  While putting baby to sleep, he decided to give me a kiss but his forehead hit my lower lip (so hard blood spattered from a nasty cut).  While running to get ice to give myself first aid, I 'slightly' (thankfully just 'slightly') hit my head on the kids' bunk bed corner.  That's when it 'hit' me, literally right?  This day is funnier than a good comedy!  I can either swear at the events unfolding or laugh at it.  I chose the latter.  Hubby always say 'When stuck between the two, choose humor'.

'Little Brother'

Finally nap time came.  I geared straight to my super multitasking mommy mode.  I dialed the tech support (while browsing Etsy) for the CAD (computer assisted design) architecture software we're using for the family business (Yes, I work too. Although most of the times, I wish I can just stay in the studio all day).  After almost two hours of geek talk, they still have not solved my dilemma.  All of a sudden, we (tech guy on the phone and me) heard a shriek louder than my alarm clock.  Baby's nap time is over.  I calmly excused myself and said I'll call back.

Now, baby on my lap, I dialed back in.  This time, I'm on a mission to get a solution.  I spelled my 'mission' to Gary the Tech Guy and asked him what he can do to simplify the rest of my problem.  He said, look for the installation CD and click 'Crystal Reports' file.  All those time, three hours, and he held back that shortcut! Okay, let me do that and call back I said.  Because I need to change a poopy diaper I told myself.

Diaper change - check!  Trains and toys on the floor for baby - check!  Check big brother who was still napping (thankfully) - checked!  Back on the phone with Gary.  The shortcut didn't worked because the laptop where the software was installed was out of memory.  I feel you computer!  I'm almost out too.  I finally gave up with the tech issue and decided to rest for a while.  My lip was still bleeding. I played with my baby for few minutes and I felt better instantly.  Ah babies, my ultimate resolve to keep me in perspective.

I wish I could say that the rest of the day went smoothly but it did not.  But I'll save the rest of the story for another day.  Beside it's just Tuesday.  Here's my recent post:

Nothing beats a good book on a rainy morning...while boys are sleeping.

Thanks again for stopping by and sharing my morning.


Piper Bella Boutique said...

Awww, sorry you had a bad day, but the worst day with your children is still better than the best day without them!

hopeandjoyhome said...

Yes..been to that "either laugh or cry" place myself with kids. We still refer to the trip we took with them that all 3 started projectile vomiting in the car as "PukeFest" Hugs to you and I hope your lip..and head feels better!

Anonymous said...

i hope Wednesday is the best for the week for you! you deserve a relaxing break dear.

Sherie said...

Thank you ladies and friends for your encouraging comments. This week was definitely eventful. And although challenging it may have been, I wouldn't trade the experiences it gave me, especially those that make up a good story for future tale-telling.