Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Time to Bloom - Part 1

"Time to Bloom 1"
Mixed Media on Paper, 18 x 24 in.
Watermark not present on actual artwork.
Click here to buy archival print, $20.

Where has she been? Looking back, she realized she is no longer her 'little bud'. She has fully blossomed, ripe for the picking.

As much as she wanted to get her for herself, she cannot. This time, she belongs to someone else. There, with him, she'll spread her own seeds and plant a garden of their own.

My time to nurture her has come to end, she said. She is yours now. Hold her gently and don't let her wither away. Her heart twitched with pain and bliss as she let her go.

You'll forever be my 'little bud', she whispered as tears dropped on her petals.

P.S. Friends, this post is a special tribute. Watch out for the second part of the story. Post your comments and let me know who you think this tribute is for.


TexasTesla said...

How sweet and poetic. Sounds like a mother letting go of her daughter...perhaps watching her walk down the aisle to wed a wonderful man.

Waterrose said...

ahhh.can't wait to read the next part!

Morning Artist said...

Thank you ladies. You're right, the story is about a mother sending her daughter off to her groom.

Some stories doesn't conclude with fairy tale endings though. Read the next part and find out how this story ends.