Friday, March 7, 2008

Her Easter Bunny

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Today's post is a tribute to all moms.

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While sitting on her old Victorian lounge chair, I couldn't help but keep looking at her easter bunny. It was prominently displayed in the corner of her well-kept living room.

There, at barely two feet, it stood tall with it's yellow, lime green and pink dress. Yes, a bunny with a dress. It wasn't 'just a dress', mind you. Faux pearls adorned the silk skirt, the collar and sleeves were finished with shimmering organza. Lovely.

Looking around, I noticed she has almost finished putting out her easter decorations. She is not an artist but I always find her choice of pieces quaint and unique. The overall design is pulled together. But I can tell what matters to her the most. On top of the center table, besides the bouquet of spring flowers, sat a mahogany covered photo album. It is carved with the word 'Grandkids'.

I meant to ask her the story behind the easter bunny. I hushed myself and decided to wait. I didn't want to spoil one of the most beautiful memories unfolding before my eyes. A moment in time I wish I can freeze.

There, besides her easter bunny, she sat. Holding my son in her arms and cuddling him so tenderly. The room was filled, not just with easter eggs and bunnies. But with overflowing love.

Mine to her. Hers to mine. Ours to him.


Jean @ Penny Lane said...

Hello -- what a lovely post and picture. I saw your note on the 5MFM site and here is a handy dandy link you were asking for:

UBP Mr. Linky Offical Post

Maybe you found it already and maybe it may help someone else!

Stop on by my party if you have a chance.

Karen said...

What a wonderful story to go with the painting. I host a writing blog and we're having a contest about this very thing - posting a picture and telling a story.

You did a good job painting a lot of warmth and love in your post.

Have fun at the party!

Write From Karen

Nnairda's said...

Very sweet painting!

it's me, Val said...

Wow you have some beautiful paintings! Thanks for having me here. Happy partying!

Lucky Girl said...

What a lovely story! And the painting is lovely too!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful post and picture - has me a bit more jazzed about spring being just around the corner - thanks for having me and enjoy the rest of your week!

Audra Marie said...

What a beautiful post and picture. You are gifted in both words and paints. :)

I've enjoyed my bloggy part visit and have subscribed to keep up with your beautiful paintings. My daughter is an aspiring artist and will enjoy your blog, too. She's actually sitting behind me painting right now lol. She loves using acrylics.

Rebecca said...

All I can say is "Wow". I'm in love with the colors and the vibrancy in your artwork! I agree with Audra Marie: you paint beautiful pictures with your words as well as your brush!

Stop by my party if you get a chance!

Natalie said...

Such a lovely post!

EclecticGypsy said...

Thanks for the party. I love the tulip painting. They remind me of the tulips in my garden. When you get the chance, stop by and party with me. Brenda

The Random Muse said...

that's very nice

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your post! Hope you'll swing by my party!