Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Feature: Isagani Fuentes Art

'Rain Series'
Acrylic , Enamel & Charcoal on Paper

Spring is almost over but it ain't leaving without it's last downpour.  It's been an on and off rainy spring here in Chicago.  One more week and it will be officially summer!  To bid spring goodbye, treat yourself to Isagani Fuentes' whimsical Rain Series.  The soothing colors make his newest series a true delight to the senses.

Fuentes is a grade school teacher from the Philippines who paints on the side.  He facilitates art workshops in his community and a founding member of The Aquarellists, an art group promoting watercolor as the preferred medium.  He is a multi-awarded artist and champ to his students.

To learn more about Isagani and his work, please visit his website.

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Anonymous said...

wow! yo're great my friend! touching! my friend Ganny F. is also my fav,good character, most of all cute face, good family and love of many.

"captivating eyesores"~rene's still got hangups! said...

GREAT series! thankyou for sharing Isagani's work! alot of good artworks!!!

nannetterose said...

i've seen Gani's artworks , seen how he works and he is one person willing to share his talent to others.

erictabuena said...

Thanks for sharing cool art!