Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday Secret - Straightening Doors

Novice and professional painters alike occasionally come across the challenge of painting straight edges. Let me share you one of my tried and true technique - masking. With what else, but a masking tape!

As I was working on the fifth painting, trying to straighten a brush stroke with a tired mommy hand wasn't just happening. Plus, I didn't want to lose the 'impressionist' feel of the painting by restricting the movement of my loose, freehand strokes.

Masking tapes are plein air artists best friend too. Here, I just put a three-inch tape to achieve a somewhat straighter edge. By doing it, I was able to continue painting loosely without worrying about the edges too much.

Voila! My door frame looked like what it's supposed to be. It's not perfectly straight. But painting isn't about photographic illustration. For me, it's about creating shapes, strokes and smudges that represent 'something'.

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