Tuesday, August 3, 2010

4. Garden Companion

'Fletcher and the Geums'
Acrylic on canvas. 11 x 14 inches.

Posted this afternoon at 5 pm.

I'm heading out to the door, but I wanted to share this to you. I'll be posting the details and inspiration behind this painting when I get back. See you later!

Update tonight (It's 9 pm right now here in Chicago).

I'm back. So, you're wondering who our furry friend is. Say hello to Fletcher. He's one of Mark Delepine's garden companion. Mark is a math teacher and self-taught master gardener from Berkeley, California. Ever wonder how to grow a lush garden in drought-prone area? Mark has the answers in his blog A Garden for a Serial Plant Fetishist.

Thanks Mark for sharing this adorable shot of Fletcher. And thank you Fletcher for keeping me company for the past few days.


Pili said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I love it!

Sherie said...

Thanks a whole bunch Pili.