Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fresh from the Farmers Market

Saturdays are farmers' market days here in our town. I got up early this morning with my boys to shop for fresh produce.

Here, we're picking out the juiciest peaches for the peach crepes I'll be making

Sweet corn on the cob for lunch with grilled pesto chicken.

Cucumbers & onions for the salad. Try sliced cucumbers drizzled with red balsamic vinegar, dash of salt & pepper, and brown sugar. A tasty, refreshing summer side dish.

We love these granola bars from the Amish. These make for healthy quick snack, especially for our little guys.

Loading up on these greens!

And don't forget the carrots. We love snacking on these. Blanch it in hot water then drizzle with agave syrup to cap off your sweet cravings.

Can't wait to cook things up for an al fresco dining with family today.

Have you been to the market today? Share your photos too.

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Pili said...

YUM! Those peaches and carrots look amazing! And the ideas for cooking with them are great too!

Sherie said...

Try honey-roasted carrots too, tastes wonderful.