Monday, July 12, 2010

ABCs of a Tea Party

With clear skies and nice weather, summer is the perfect time for tea parties. I'm not talking about the political 'tea parties'. This is after all, an art blog.

I recently held a tea party for the kids in our family. I want to share with you my ABC's for preparing a budget-friendly tea party for the little ones and the kids at heart too. I marked the photo above for your reference.

a - For the table napkins, I bought 2 yards of linen fabric and hand drawn the leaf prints with fabric pens.
b - My favorite flea market find! Twenty two set of white and silver vintage china in perfect condition. I wanted my little guests (and the not so little) to have a genuine experience using real tea cups.
c - Set of wooden bowls from Goodwill. Tough and durable for little hands.
d - For my flower centerpiece, I plucked some Nikko Blue Hydrangeas from our yard and set it on vintage blue wine glasses (another flea market find!).
e - No tea bags for that day, only loose leaf teas brewed in IKEA cafe presses.
f - Freshly squeezed lemonade mixed with mango juice, for refreshment.
g - Perfectly warmed tea bread and pastries from our local bakery.

And since my little guests know I'm an artist, I gave them their own 'art kits' complete with sets of paints, paper canvases and brushes from the dollar store. We let them express their creativity painting whatever subject they fancy.

Do I think they had a great time? The smiles from my tiniest guests say it all.

There you go! Have fun hosting your own tea party. Share your photos, I would love to see them too.


Anonymous said...

I did a "high tea" for all the grandkids and it turned out great! For kids that cant normally sit next to each other they were in awe of the ceremony and fine china. Kuddos to YOU!!
Next adventure will be the Japanese tea ceremony. They cant wait!

Sherie said...

Can't wait to hear how it goes :) Thanks for stopping by at my blog.