Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rugby Stripes Are In

Available at UrArtist Shop. $39.

My laptop sleeves are gaining popularity. So far, over two hundred of these cozies has been shipped around the world since I started making it over a year ago. What once started as a personal quest to find a unique laptop sleeve for my then new laptop, became a sensation to savvy web surfers across the globe.

I've sent couple of these fibrous handmade caddies to all continents except Africa. The top five countries are USA, Germany, Canada, Asutralia and France.

Last week, I got a request from a New Yorker who loves to watch rugby football to make a 'rugby stripes' laptop sleeve in her favorite colors - medium pink and red. I'm always excited whenever I get such requests since the finished work is not just a product but a result of two collaborating individuals. The creation process becomes more enjoyable for both.

Maybe next time you watch your favorite game, you'll be inspired to have a laptop sleeve to match your team's color. Don't forget to tell me about it, I'm always open to try new ideas.

Happy web surfing!

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