Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tangled up in the Studio

'Grey Skies are Turning Blue' Art Cowl

It's really getting cold here in Chicago. We already switched our summer clothes in our closets with fall and winter outfits. Ofcourse, these breezy weather calls for accessories to keep us warm.

At this time of the year, my studio morphs into a fibrous stead. Skeins and spools of yarns, threads and laces take over the canvases and paints. What once used to be a jar of brushes is now stuffed with knitting and crochet needles. 'It's that time of the year.', my husband would say. My sketchbook is getting filled with designs of scarves and other yarn projects.

So, pardon me if you haven't seen me writing much these days. It's because I've given in to that irrepressible calling to turn those yarns into something extraordinary, while wrapped up in my favorite cozy and sipping my favorite peach white tea.


courtney said...

hiya! thanks for stopping by my blog - i love your blog's layout - great job! :)

Pili said...

That looks so totally cozy and warm!

Have fun with the yarn-crafting!