Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sweet Pea

He used to be
Her little pea

Nurtured lovingly
In every degree

Sprouts came
Hers to claim

Blooms arrived
Excitement thrived

Once a seed
Of special breed

All grown
New peas shown

Ready to leave
It's comfort weave

It's his time
To make a rhyme

Plant his peas
Try not to remiss

Don't worry
He's still your sweet pea

I wrote this poem for parents coping with the separation. I hope they find comfort even in small ways in these simple words. Someday, Ill cross that bridge with my own son. Hear him say 'Mom, I'm getting married.' I'll try to remember this, so I can send him off with all good hopes, love and cheers.


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Anonymous said...

I really love that poem! I have just scanned your blog and WOW you are a GREAT artist on so many levels!!!!

MsAnomaly said...

beautiful poem! my sons are both in their late teens, so I really identified with this (with tears, even)