Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Finding Home

'Our Patio'
Watercolor on Paper, 5 x 7 inches. Plein air.

Days like this come to me every once in a while. That nagging feeling of wanting to reconnect back to my roots. When that voice constantly resonates in my head, saying I need to be home. I was up at two in the morning trying to hush the wanderings in my head.

'This is now my home, my family is here', I recited silently. They're both sound asleep, my little one and his daddy. I tiptoed out of the room, careful not to make any noise. The wind was picking up and the trees outside the windows cast graceful shadows inside the house.

The shadows resemble my longing to be home, I can try to ignore it but I know it's there. Perhaps it's just another episode of homesickness. 'Home is where the heart is', they say. Why these longings then? I resolved not to find my answer that morning, I needed sleep.

I fixed myself a cup of tea and walked back in the room. The strong winds outside subsided, everything was calm. Someday, I'll be back again. In that place where I grew up, where the sun always shine, the trees are always green and the winds aren't that strong.

For now, I'm with them. My heart is here. This is now my 'home'. Yes, it's not the one I knew. But it's one I can call my 'own'.


La Alicia said...

I know the feeling...over the years, I feel like I have come to find multiple homes. Where ever it is, it's always nice to be there! :)

Anonymous said...

home is our comfort zone but then again there's a special force that invites us to remember and miss where we came from. I miss being with them eventhough this would be your new home. ;-)

Nora said...

Nice post. I often feel the same. I'm very much a home body. Your work is beautiful, btw!

Rosebud Collection said...

Beautiful picture..I have to say, I always miss home. In all honesty, I probably miss the things I remember as home..I am sure it has changed and I probably wouldn't feel the same if I were there..