Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Mornings

Early morning sunlight and this little man to start my day. Armed with his own pack of materials, he joined me in the studio to make his own art. I sat next to him just watching him, lost in his creative thought. How many years will I still have this kind of mornings, where my creative space bustle with their cheerful energy and curious spirits. Mornings where I'll open the door to the studio only to step on Lego pieces left from the night before of being in this space, building while I paint. 

They grow fast, way too fast now. For now, I'll savor these moments, celebrate it and hope that someday, they'll make time to create, especially when life gets tough, and mostly during life's most blissful moments . To come back to their own space of calm through art in the midst of chaos, cheers and everything in between. We wish you a happy Friday! Go and create something today, even if it means doodling on your notebook, smartphone or tablet. A little something is better than nothing.

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