Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bye Snowballs

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Winter is not over yet. In fact, we're still at freezing temperature here in Chicago. That means, we still get to wear our favorite winter outfits and accessories.

Yesterday, it was time to bid farewell to 'Snowballs'. Nope, it's not our pet or a peeve. It's the knitted scarf I made that's truly one of a kind. I made it with freestyle knit stitches, no pattern in hand or plan. It was one of those 'knit a stitch as you go along'. An abstract fiber art is what I call it.

It was one of my favorite knit creations. I love that there's nothing one like it and that it's purely a product of the imagination.

So, bye 'Snowballs'. May you give warmth and comfort to your new home and owner.

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