Friday, March 6, 2009

The Artist is Back

After few months of being away, I am back with new and exciting creations.  But first, let me thank all the folks who have been patiently messaging me, wanting to know when I'll be back in the 'artsy-crafty' circle.  Thank you for all the heartfelt messages.

I took a brief blogging sabbatical to dedicate more time to writing a book and pen a couple of articles.  I've been privileged to write the winter newsletter for Strathmore Artist this year. 

What a great honor it is to be able to inspire not only artists, but those who aspire to fulfill their creative pursuits.  So if your enthusiasm is running a little low, I invite you to take some time to read the free artist e-newsletters from Strathmore.  I guarantee you, you'll be thanking yourself you did.

Thanks for stopping by again.

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